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Workload Article Results

The following table contains links to past Beville newsletters, Beville's published papers (available by filling out our published paper request form - those papers are linked to the form), and external articles.

Book written by David A. Strobhar: Human Factors in Process Plant Operation

A Humanistic Approach to Managing Plant Modernization Projects
Abnormal Events Typically Are Not The Cause Of High Control Operator Loadings
Be Careful About Single Dimensional Solutions to Multidimensional Problems
Beville's Non-Intrusive Console Workload Assessment
Changes In Operator Activities Due To Upsets; When The ---- Hits The Fan
Console Operator Staffing Workload and Automation (external)
Consortium Reports New Findings on Alarm Rates (external)
Control Operator Overload: Identification and Prevention
Controller Workload: What are they doing and why are they doing so much of it?
DCS Console Operator Issues in Related Industries (external)
Don't Cloud the Issue with Facts
High Control Board Operator Loadings are Not Usualy Caused by Abnormal Events
How Many Alarms Can An Operator Handle? (external)
How to build a better operator (external)
Impact of Alarm Rates and Interface Design on Operator Performance
Impact of Control Room Consolidation on Operator Workload
Increase Unit Operator Utilization/Productivity Through Job Sampling
Incremental Changes To Plant Equipment Can Lead To Disgruntled Operating Crews
Is Counting the Number of Control Loops a Valid Technique for Estimating Operator Workload?
Is There A Correlation Between Amount Of Equipment And Operator Workload?
Leadership Focus Podcast: Improving Operator Performance (external)
Low Workload Does Not Equal Improved Performance
Mental Fatigue Impairs Decision Making Strategy
Operator-Cashier Analogy
Operators are like firemen: you would rather see them sitting than running around
Position Staffing and Overtime Expectations - Interactive Worksheet
Psychological Rest Periods For Control Board Operators -- What Range Is Acceptable?
Quantification of Operator Workload and Staffing
Redesigning Process Plant Jobs Through Job Task Inventories? Be Careful!
Research Suggests Some People Are More Susceptible To Boredom Than Others
Sleep Duration And Twelve-Hour Shifts
Staffing Levels
Sustaining Vigilance - Optimizing The Lower End Of The Workload Scale
Toward an Understanding of DCS Control Operator Workload
Toward an Upset Response Task Workload Assessment Technique for Chemical Processing Plants
Under-Loaded Board Operators Create Risk
Unit Type vs. Board Workload - Is there an association?
What are the Differences When Engineers and Supervisors Staff Plants Instead of Hourly Employees?
What is the Upper Limit to Board Operator Span of Control
What Role Should Supervisors Play During Plant Upsets?
Workload Observation Thoughts

For further information, visit the links below.

| Workload/Staffing Analysis Overview | Steady State Workload Staffing Analysis | Steady State Job Samples | Upset Response Staffing Analysis | Overtime Calculator -Excel download |


Article Published By
Console Operator Staffing Workload And Automation - ISA Automation Week 2012
How Good is Your Operator's Mental Model? Mynah
Modularizing Emergency Procedures for Increased Ease of Use and Updating
Operator Performance Takes Center Stage Chemical Processing
Operator Training Gains Ground Chemical Processing
Operators Get More Help Chemical Processing
Simple, Strong and Easy-to-Use Control Global
Teach Operators to Make the Right Decisions Under Fire
The Keys to Operator Performance


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