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Training Article Results

The following table contains links to past Beville newsletters, Beville's published papers (available by filling out our published paper request form - those papers are linked to the form), and external articles.

Book written by David A. Strobhar: Human Factors in Process Plant Operation

A Few Factors To Consider When Designing Checklists
Aerospace Industry Shifting From High Fidelity Simulators to Smaller, Multi-Purpose Simulators
Are Simulators the Answer To Skill Degradation Problems?
Bring Your Procedures Into the 21st Century (external)
Call a COP (external)
Can A Control System Be Operated Correctly If The User Has An Incorrect Conceptual Model?
Collaboration Picks Up Speed (external)
Consortium Reports New Findings on Alarm Rates (external)
Control Systems ...Oh no, not again! (external)
Crew Resource Management Training, An Invaluable Tool For Improving Team Interaction
DCS Skill Degradation with Advanced Control: Implications for Training
Differences In Instrument Monitoring Patterns Between Expert And Novice Operators
Does It Bother You Not To See Your Car's Pistons Moving?
Effectiveness of Part-Task Training
Evolution of Operator Decision Making
Expert Operators
Give Your Operator a New Brain Courtesy of Area 51
Hazardous Experience
How Good is Your Operator's Mental Model? (external)
How Long Can Operators Keep Their Skills? Sometimes Forever!
How Many Alarms Can An Operator Handle? (external)
How Many Process Units in a Tomahawk Cruise Missile?
How to build a better operator (external)
How Would Your Plant Have Done?
Human Factors Problems Of Advanced Control Systems
Identification of Factors Which Influence Team Performance
If I Can't Trust You With the Easy...
Impact of Alarm Rates and Interface Design on Operator Performance (external)
Improving Human Effectiveness (external)
Improving Problem Diagnosing In Control Board Operators
Improving Team Performance: Creating Expert Teams Rather Than Teams Of Experts
In Pursuit of Improved Operator Performance (external)
Informational Invariants As A Basis Of Skill Transfer In Process Simulation
Just sit there and hit the silence button!
Leadership Focus Podcast: Improving Operator Performance (external)
Lessons Learned About Plant Operations in the 20 Years Since the Three Mile Island Incident
Most Petrochemical Plants Don't Spend Enough Time On Shift Relief
Operator Training Gains Ground (external)
Plant Safety is a Function of Many Different Factors…
Problem Solving And Expert Systems
Seems obvious, but is it being done?
Skill Transfer Research: The Issue Of Process Simulation Fidelity
Smart Operators are Good
Speeding Up Simulator Training Exercises Can Lead To Improved Training
Succession Planning (external)
Teach Operators to Make the Right Decisions Under Fire (external)
The Good News/Bad News of Procedural Based Training
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Time's up, what are you going to do?
Training For Dual Tasks, Implications For Operating Multiple Processes
What are the Differences When Engineers and Supervisors Staff Plants Instead of Hourly Employees?
What Game Are You Playing?
What is Crew Resource Management?
What's a good operator like you doing in a refinery like this?



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