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Published Papers

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Some of our papers are available free of charge, while others must be purchased directly from the publisher.

If you are trying to answer a particular question, send your question and we will be happy to make suggestions from our reading and article lists.

If you would like for us to email you a copy of one of the papers below, please send an email to: and provide your name, company, position, city, state, and the title of the article you would like to receive.

List of Papers available free of charge from Beville:

  • A Humanistic Approach to Managing Plant Modernization Projects
  • The Case of Alarm Overload - NPRA Paper
  • Control Operator Overload: Identification and Prevention
  • Control Room Design Manual
  • Controller Workload: What are they doing and why are they doing so much of it?
  • Evolution of Operator Decision Making
  • Human Factors Engineering in Control Room Design and Operation
  • Human Factors in Alarm System Management: Information Versus Data
  • Human Factors in Distributed Process Control
  • Human Factors in Process Plant Safety
  • Human Factors in TDC3000 Alarm and Display Design
  • Increase Unit Operator Utilization/Productivity Through Job Sampling
  • Intelligent Alarm Management (from INSTRUMENT ENGINEER'S HANDBOOK, Process Software and Digital Networks)
  • Is Counting the Number of Control Loops a Valid Technique for Estimating Operator Workload?
  • Lack of Planning in Alarm System Configuration is, in Essence, Planning to Fail
  • Quantification of Operator Workload and Staffing
  • Toward an Understanding of DCS Control Operator Workload
  • Toward an Upset Response Task Workload Assessment Technique for Chemical Processing Plants
  • What is the Upper Limit to Board Operator Span of Control

Book written by David A. Strobhar: Human Factors in Process Plant Operation

Papers available externally:

Control Room Consolidation, It's more than just a new building.
World Refining, 12/03. B.A. Walker/Brad Adams Walker Architechture, P.C., & D.A. Strobhar, PE/Beville Engineering, Inc.
Contact World Refining directly (ask for Amy) at 800.874.2544, ext. 129 to request a copy.
Human Factors in Oil Refinery Operation
chapter 31 of Advances in Human Factors, Ergonomics, and Safety in Manufacturing and Service Industries
Operator Performance as a function of alarm rate and interface design
WBF Make2Profit Conference, Austin, TX 2011
Modularizing Emergency Procedures for Increased Ease of Use and Updating
NPRA 2011 Annual Meeting, product # AM-11-44
Service Extraction from Operator Procedures in Process Industries
2011 DESRIST Conference

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David Strobhar's book, "Human Factors in Process Plant Operation," is now available in both hardcover and Kindle e-book.

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