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Miscellaneous Article Results

The following table contains links to past Beville newsletters, Beville's published papers (available by filling out our published paper request form - those papers are linked to the form), and external articles.

Book written by David A. Strobhar: Human Factors in Process Plant Operation

Advanced Process Control; Is It The Operator's Best Friend Or Worst Enemy?
Aiming for Operator Excellence (external)
Are Old Solutions the Best Solutions?
Are you sure we shouldn't trip the compressor?
Automation and Teamwork
Automation is Increasing, but Do We Trust It?
Automation's Impact on Operator Performance
Be Careful About Single Dimensional Solutions to Multidimensional Problems
Better than a Baker's Dozen (Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents)
Breakdowns in Human-Automation Coordination Can Create Automation Surprises
Call a COP (external)
Cognitive Lock-Up, Its Effect On Span Of Control And The Danger It Poses To Emergency And High Workload Situations
Collaboration Picks Up Speed (external)
Communication Differences Between Dedicated Inside And Outside Operators
Console Operator Staffing Workload and Automation (external)
Control Systems ...Oh no, not again! (external)
COP: Presentation at the 2011 NPRA Meeting (external)
Cough Once for Danger
David Strobhar: Breaking Down Human Language (external)
Differences In Instrument Monitoring Patterns Between Expert And Novice Operators
Do You Know How Tired You Are?
Do You Realize What You Have Said?
Effectiveness Of Warning Labels
Evolution of Operator Decision Making
Hazop Analyses Often Fail to Address Human Factors and Equipment Operability Issues
Heads Up, Some Regulatory Agencies Are Requiring Human Factors Programs
How Good is Your Operator's Mental Model? (external)
How Many Process Units in a Tomahawk Cruise Missile?
Human Factors in Distributed Process Control
Human Factors in Oil Refinery Operation (external)
Human Factors in Process Plant Safety
Human Factors Problems In Instrumentation Maintainability
Human Factors Problems Of Advanced Control Systems
I'm Not a Computer, I'm a Human Being!(Efficient Brain Power)
I'm sorry - what were you saying? I was interrupted.
Improving Human Effectiveness (external)
In Pursuit of Improved Operator Performance (external)
Incremental Changes To Plant Equipment Can Lead To Disgruntled Operating Crews
Is Microsoft's Windows NT An Advancement Or A Curse As A Control Systems Interface?
Leadership Focus Podcast: Improving Operator Performance (external)
Legislated Human Factors is Bad Human Factors
Less is more
Lessons Learned About Plant Operations in the 20 Years Since the Three Mile Island Incident
Man & Machine: Procedures for Protecting Plants and Refineries (external)
Mental Fatigue Impairs Decision Making Strategy
Modularizing Emergency Procedures for Increased Ease of Use and Updating (external)
Most Petrochemical Plants Don't Spend Enough Time On Shift Relief
New Research Has Found Computer-Based Decision Aids Can Increase Operational Error
NRC Policy Statement On Control Room Conduct
Operator-Cashier Analogy
Operator Interfaces Expand Human Factors (external)
Operator Interfaces: Moving from Comfortable to Most Effective (external)
Operator Performance as a Function of Alarm Rate and Interface Design (external)
Operator Performance Gets Better (external)
Operator Performance In Relation To Functionally Or Topographically Presented Process Information
Operator Performance Research Put into Practice (external)
Operator Performance Takes Center Stage (external)
Operator Training Gains Ground (external)
Operators Get More Help (external)
Plant Safety is a Function of Many Different Factors…
Problem Solving And Expert Systems
Psychological Rest Periods For Control Board Operators -- What Range Is Acceptable?
Redesigning Process Plant Jobs Through Job Task Inventories? Be Careful!
Research Suggests Some People Are More Susceptible To Boredom Than Others
Sleep Duration And Twelve-Hour Shifts
Staffing Levels
Sustaining Vigilance - Optimizing The Lower End Of The Workload Scale
The Keys to Operator Performance (external)
User Centered Design at Work (external)
Watch what you’re thinking -- you’re turning off the lights
What is the Upper Limit to Board Operator Span of Control
What Role Should Supervisors Play During Plant Upsets?
What's a good operator like you doing in a refinery like this?
Who's in control?
Why Can't We Do It Ourselves?



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