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Alarm Management and Display Design Seminar

Beville is currently offering a one-day seminar that covers basic principles and concepts in human factors engineering (morning session) and application of those principles to alarm and display design (afternoon session). The focus is on creation of alarms and displays for distributed control systems. Contact us for more information.


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  • "Numerous real-world examples, a real positive..."
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  • "Good basics, covered history of how we got to where we are today..."
  • "Stimulated thought on human factors problems of board operators..."


Topics Content
Introduction The origin of human factors engineering will be presented along with a model for operator - process interaction.
Perception and Attention How people notice and interpret information from the environment will be discussed. The impact of display noise and signal characteristics will be covered.
Information Processing The limitations and structure of the human information processing system will be presented. Topics will include sensory memory, short term memory, mental workload, and mental models.
Decision Making Recent research into real time decision making will be discussed. Implications for expert systems and display design will be key topics.
Design Process The approach to alarm and display system design will be presented, including the major activities such as alarm objective analysis.
Alarm Objective Analysis A section of the client's unit will be used to demonstrate the alarm analysis technique. Alarm philosophy requirements will be included.
Design Concept Creation of a design concept, covering coding techniques and their application, will be presented. Methods to determine content requirements will be discussed.
Display Formatting Methods to format process information will be presented.

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This year's Fall meeting for the Center for Operator Performance will be October 7-10 in Houston, TX. For more information, please contact Lisa Via. Guests are always welcome!


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