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Alarm / Display Article Results

The following table contains links to past Beville newsletters, Beville's published papers (available by filling out our published paper request form - those papers are linked to the form), and external articles.

Book written by David A. Strobhar: Human Factors in Process Plant Operation

A Few False Alarms Go a Long Way
A Humanistic Approach to Managing Plant Modernization Projects
Aiming for Operator Excellence (external)
Alarm Analysis - One Size Does Not Fit All
Alarm System Avalanche And Multiple Process Control
Alarm System Trust - Crying Wolf vs Missing the Wolf
Alarm Systems: One size does not fit all
Alarms and Staffing
All 12-point fonts are not created equal
Are Mode Errors Built Into The Operator Interface Of Your Control Systems?
Are you sure we shouldn't trip the compressor?
Be Careful About Single Dimensional Solutions to Multidimensional Problems
Board Inspection Frequency: Can today's board be left unattended?
Can You Have Too Many CRTs?
Changing Workforce Drives Control Room Modernization (external)
Collaboration Picks Up Speed
Color And Shape Coding Effects On Process Control Tasks
Consortium Reports New Findings on Alarm Rates (external)
Control Operator Overload: Identification and Prevention
Control Systems ...Oh no, not again! (external)
COP: What do I put on Level 1 and 2 graphics?
Cough Once for Danger
Data Entry
Data Translation – Something Gained, Something Lost
DCS Console Operator Issues in Related Industries (external)
Differences In Instrument Monitoring Patterns Between Expert And Novice Operators
Display Design Techniques to Convert Data to Information
Display Design: Recent Technique Discussed
Displays For Complex Systems - Knowing A Few Concepts Can Improve Their Quality
Do You Have HMI Design Backward? (external)
Don't Cloud the Issue with Facts
Emerging Trends Of CRT Usage By Control Board Operators
Evidence on the Benefit of Light Backgrounds
Graphic Displays Aid In Viewer Interpretations
How Many Alarms Can An Operator Handle? (external)
How to build a better operator (external)
How Would Your Plant Have Done?
Human Factors in Alarm System Management: Information Versus Data
Human Factors in Distributed Process Control
Human Factors in TDC3000 Alarm and Display Design
Human Performance Limits and Process Alarms
Ignorance Is Bliss
Impact of Alarm Rates and Interface Design on Operator Performance (external)
Impact of monitor size on viewing distances
In Pursuit of Improved Operator Performance (external)
Inadequate Oversight of Alarm Configurations Will Lead to Vastly Different Plant Alarm Systems
Intelligent Alarm Management (from INSTRUMENT ENGINEER'S HANDBOOK)
Is Microsoft's Windows NT An Advancement Or A Curse As A Control Systems Interface?
Just sit there and hit the silence button!
Lack of Planning in Alarm System Configuration is, in Essence, Planning to Fail
"Lies, Da**ed Lies, and Statistics": A Tale of Two Alarm Systems
Making Displays Into Mental Models
Many Alarm System Configurations Lack Proper Planning
Monitoring Instruments, DCS Versus Analog Gauges
Naïve Realism - Realistic displays can hurt performance
New Research Has Found Computer-Based Decision Aids Can Increase Operational Error
New Research Suggests Alarms Are Not Always Beneficial
Nice Versus Necessary - A Dangerous Trap In Man-Machine System Design
On the Other Hand…
One More Reason for Fewer CRTs
Operator Interfaces Expand Human Factors (external)
Operator Interfaces: Moving from Comfortable to Most Effective (external)
Operator Performance as a Function of Alarm Rate and Interface Design (external)
Operator Performance Gets Better (external)
Operator Performance In Relation To Functionally Or Topographically Presented Process Information
Operator Performance Research Put into Practice (external)
Plug the Holes in the Swiss Cheese Model (external)
Realistic Displays Degrade Performance
Reverse Highlighting
Simple, Strong and Easy to Use (external)
Square Peg for a Round Hole
The Case of Alarm Overload - NPRA Paper
User Centered Design at Work (external)
Well, now we know.
What are the Guidelines for Selecting Font Sizes For CRT Displays?
What's Your Story? An Approach to Display Design
When Good Guidelines Go Bad
Why Can't We Do It Ourselves?

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Consortium Reports New Findings on Alarm Rates Automation World
How Many Alarms Can An Operator Handle Chemical Processing
Impact of Alarm Rates and Interface Design on Operator Performance Automation World
Operator Interfaces: Moving from Comfortable to Most Effective Automation World
Operator Performance as a Function of Alarm Rate and Interface Design


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